Mike "Skully" Smith is the Band Leader, Singer, Drummer, Songwriter and Harmonica Player from Benton Harbor, Michigan. In 1968 Mike began playing drums when he received his first set for Christmas at the age of 10. He went on later in life to play with different bands and experimented with all genres of music, until finally settling on the Blues in the late 1980's. Then he formed his first band "The Voodoo Brothers". As he progressed, he played drums as a fill in for various well known blues artists, such as Tommy McCracken, Casey Jones, WC Clark and then ended up on tour with the "Late James Peterson", father of blues artist, Lucky Peterson. James is who gave Mike his nickname "Skully", and it has stuck ever since. In more recent years he has played drums with Blues Artist's Jody Williams, Killer Ray Allison, Maurice John Vaughn and Floyd Wilson.
Matt "Mr. Mojo" Kyle is the Bass Guitar Player from Benton Harbor, Michigan. Matt began playing Bass at a young age when his father taught him how to play so he could be in the family band. Matt went on to play with other bands as an adult until he retire his Bass to pursue his dream of having a recording studio. Matt is now the proud owner of Beware Records and Recording which specializes in Rap music. Once Matt had accomplished that he wanted to get back to playing some Blues. So he pulled his Bass out from under the bed to become a Undertaker. We are glad he did!
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TJ "Tubby Junior" Nichols is a Guitar Player from Niles, Michigan. Tubby Junior has been honing his Blues Guitar skills for the last 14 years now, and he's only 24 years old! His hard work, dedication and strong family support has made him a very talented and creative Blues Guitarist, he is now debuting his hard earned talent as an Undertaker, and we are lucky to have him.